Joined ONR program review with my team and Prof. Frank Fish (from left to right: Billy, Jiefeng, Frank, Robert, and Luis). University Of Maryland, Washington DC. May 16, 2023.

Presenting as a Rising Star in robotics at the Modeling, Estimation and Control Conference (MECC). Jersy City, NJ. Oct 2, 2022.

Presenting as a DARPA riser at the 2022 DARPA Forward conference and a DARPA bedge at the bottom-right corner. Fort Collins, CO. Aug 31, 2022.

Presenting our work at the CSU Energy & Environment Seminar Series. Fort Collins, CO. Aug 25, 2022.

Presenting our work on the soft robot modeling at the 2022 American Control Conference (ACC). Atlanta, GA. June 10, 2022.

Presenting our work on the TCA modeling at the 2022 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Philadelphia, PA. May 29, 2022.

Talking to elementary school students about our research during the fourth-time attending Little Shop of Physics. April 2022.

Teaching students how to control a robotic manipulator in Mech 564 class. March 2022

Presenting in ICRA 2019 (From right to left: Haijie Zhang, Dr. Zhao, Jiefeng Sun). Montreal,Canada. May 2019

Demonstrating our artificical muscle at the 2019 Little Shop of Physics. April 2019.

Presenting our work in CSU graduate show case with a poster. Nov 2018


Farewell Lunch of the research group for Jiefeng's leave (From left to right: Eli, Zhe, Ajai, Dr. Zhao, Bryce, Sydney, Clint and Jiefeng) . Nov 20, 2022

Jiefeng Graduated with Ph.D. (From left to right: Li, Amelia, Jiefeng and Jiefeng's parents) . Aug 10, 2022

Amelia graduated from CSU Early Childhood Center's old toddler room. May 2022

Hiking with my family in Rocky Mountain (From left to right: Jiefeng, Amelia, and Li). July 2021

Jiefeng and Li graduated from college. Lanzhou, China. July 2014

Jiefeng used to have big eyes. Henan China. July 1994